Double Braid Dock Line Gold and White

Double Braid Dock Line Gold and White

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Product description

Double Braid Nylon Dock Lines, also called Mooring Line or Yacht Braid, is a two-in-one marine rope. Nylon braided jacket around Nylon braided core. Flexible, Soft, Strong.  Specifically designed for marine applications.


Diameter: 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1"               Length: 15 ft. - 75 ft.
Diameter Guidelines:                    Length Guidelines:
Boat Length 20'-35' - 1/2"             Bow & Stern Lines - 2/3 Boat Length
Boat Length 30'-45' - 5/8"             Breast  Lines - 1/2 Boat Length
Boat Length 40'-55' - 3/4"             Spring Lines - 3/4 to Full Boat   
Boat Length 50'-65' - 7/8"                                         
Boat Length 60'-75' - 1"                Suggest min. 4 lines for side tie  
                                                  See long pier or short pier
Standard Eye Sizes: Measured with eye pulled straight. 18" for up to 5/8" line (11.5" Dia.),  other sizes 24" (15" Dia.). Can be added to both ends.  Whipped eye & bitter end. View Detailed Images or Dock Line Whipping.
Chafe Guard in Eye: Click Here for picture. Black Cordura installed when manufactured. Must cut Cordura to remove.  To add select "Yes" as Option.
Availability:  Each dock line is assembled at time of order from rope inventory. For rope in stock, lines can be finished in 2-3 days.  We offer 16 colors and 5 diameters.  Black, White and Navy are usually available in many sizes. Colors and sizes that need to be manufactured will take longer.  Please email for availability or continue with your order and we will respond quickly.  
ShippingSelect diameter, length & quantity.  Then "Add to Cart". Select "Estimate Shipping Cost". Enter zip code.
Please Note:  Actual line diameter is approx. 10% larger than stated diameter.
Email: with any questions
Phone:  800-650-1562