Kahlenberg Zero Series S-0A - Complete System

Kahlenberg Zero Series S-0A - Complete System

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Product description

Kahlenberg Zero Series Single Chrome Air Horn System S-0A. Includes chrome horn, compressor, tank, solenoid, momentary switch, tubing and fittings.

Kahlenberg Zero Series Air Horns S-0A - Complete System. Available in Chrome or White Powder Coat finish. Complies with Regulations for vessels up to 65 ft..

Distinctive sound is scientifically developed for volume, audibility, and richness of tone, based on musical instrument design.  No tuning adjustments. No moving parts other than the sound producing diaphragm.  Casted of accurately machined bronze. Horn projectors are spun brass. 2 year warranty.

Kahlenberg Single Horn Configuration includes:

  • Single horn S-0A with Chrome finish - length overall 23 inches
  • 131 db Sound Level, 17.6 cfm air consumption
  • P449-17 (12V) or P449-18 (24V) Compressor and Tank assembly
  • V-69K Solenoid Kit, 1/4" x 8' tubing, 5/16" x 15' tubing and connectors, M-126 Momentary Switch
  • Components for single horn system are same as dual horn system. D-0A Drawings and Installation. Click S-0A for single horn dimensions.

Click to hear the sound of the S-0A.

Kahlenberg assembles and tests every system before shipping.  Usually requires 2-3 days prior to shipping.