Towing Bridle Model 1500

Towing Bridle Model 1500

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Item # 269003
Weight 30.00 lbs

Product description

Dinghy Towing Bridle

Model 1500 for dinghies up to 1500 lbs. 


This configuration consists of: two legs of 5/8" x 25 ft double braid nylon rope with a lock on rope float, spliced eye and chafe guard on each leg. The legs are interconnected to the eye of a Ironlite (Dyneema) main towing line 3/8" x 125 ft with chafe guard.

The main towing line has a spliced stainless thimble on the end closest to the dinghy with a snap shackle that connects to the dinghy. Please view the detailed image to see example components.

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Please Note:  Our objective is to design a system and make Safe Working Load numbers available. You are responsible for deciding, based on your intended use, whether these configurations will be suitable for your application.